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Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Situated above the Palisades north of Fort Lee, Englewood Cliffs is a town characterized by expensive homes and beautifully groomed corporate headquarters. Englewood Cliffs has excellent access to New York City by bus and car here.

The story of how Englewood Cliffs has emerged from a Revolutionary Map point to a modern, model residential and business community provides many colorful threads in the history of Englewood Cliffs.

In November, 218 years ago, the site the Borough now occupies was the scene of an heroic encounter that changed the course of our nation. An unknown farmer riding from the north over our cliffs warned General Washington's men, camped on the crest of the Palisades at Fort Lee, that the British were coming. The early warning allowed Washington to make his successful strategic retreat and thus avoid confronting the numerically superior British force. General Washington's small group of brave but ill-equipped and trained patriots would surely have been defeated. Had General Washington been captured as planned by British general Cornwallis, it is conceivable that the Revolution War would have been lost.

After the Revolutionary War, part of the waterfront beneath our cliffs became the shipping port of the northern valley farmers who sent great quantities of their produce to New York. At the time, it was one of the key seaports of the East.

The cliffs were threatened with complete annihilation by blasting after the Civil War when the demand for stone, for roads and building foundations, became greater. Morning, noon, and night the river reverberated with heavy explosions from dynamite, and columns of scenic splendor toppled into great clouds of gray dust.

Public indignation grew strong, resulting in a move to halt the blasting by making the area a national military base. The U.S. government turned down all proposals. It was then, in 1897, that the New Jersey Federation of Women's Clubs got to work in earnest and facilitated the final purchase of the land from the quarrymen by benevolent New York millionaires, and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission was born.

The first Mayor, William O. Allison, is to be credited with the founding of the Borough, for he was the prime supporter of our secession from Englewood in 1895. The Borough was incorporated on May 10, 1895 with $1,000 of borrowed money, which was supposed to last for at least a year, but all but 47.01 was spent by November.

When the Borough was incorporated there were no schools located within its confines, and children in the northern area hiked to the swamp" school in Englewood, on Palisade Avenue, where the soldiers' Monument now stands. Children from the southern end of the Borough went to a little Coytesville schoolhouse on Myrtle Avenue and Second Street. The first school to be built in what was to become Englewood Cliffs was the Undercliff School, located in the Fisherman's Village at the foot of the Palisades, slightly north of the old Dyckman Street Ferry Road and Henry Hudson Drive.

In 1905 a school was built on a 1 ½ acre plot donated by Allison, where our present municipal complex is located. By 1919, with the greater population in the southern end of the Borough, it became feasible to open a one-story school on Bayview Avenue built at a cost of $12,806.

One of the greatest challenges to the development of Englewood Cliffs was the effect the George Washington Bridge would have on a small town. The resultant real estate boom, as expected was colossal. In 1931 opening of the bridge coincided with the adoption of the Borough's first building and zoning code, some of the wisest regulations ever to be set down on paper. These were the early blocks that made a community of one-family houses without high-rise apartments able to coexist with business and industry on what was to be later labeled the "Trillion Dollar Mile" of business and international corporation offices on Sylvan Avenue.
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